B5 Wireless PTP Bridge for Wireless Backhaul

B5 Wireless PTP Bridge for Wireless Backhaul

The Altai B5 PTP is a powerful bridge solution with an integrated 5GHz radio and antenna, designed for high throughput and long range PTP bridging.
The Altai B5 PTP series consist of 5 models with different combinations of transmit power, antenna gain and configuration, for different range and throughput requirements.



Configurable 4.9 to 6.0 GHz frequency band
Possible operational distances in excess of 80 km
High capacity – up to 280 Mbps throughput
2×2 MIMO innovative technology
“Pay as you grow” software upgradeable capacity feature
5/10/20/40 MHz channel widths
Unique plug & play out-of-box ultra-long LOS and NLOS backhaul solution
Gigabit Ethernet port and flexible uplink/downlink reallocation
Advanced Quality-of-Service support, reliable and robust design

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