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Leadership of Innovations

Net Communication Technology has been producing new generation solutions in wireless access technologies in telecommunication sector and contributed to the development of this sector over the past 20 years.

Net Communication Technology prepares projects under the titles of

and produce peer-to-peer solutions with the supply of robust and well-recognised brands, whom it is representative of, and qualified technical team.

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20-Year Experience

Net Communication Technology has valuable experience in system integration and projects it has carried out in new generation wireless network solutions.

Net Communication Technology provides wireless network solutions for a wide variety of customers ranging from SMEs to big enterprises, internet service providers, telecommunication operators, electricity distribution companies, dams, waste water and catchment centres, train, metro, metrobus and tunnel operators, port administrations, petroleum and gas administrations, municipalities, coastal safety, police, gendarmerie, public safety, airway enterprises, airport operators, border security, hospitals, organisation companies, shopping malls, schools and universities and public institutions.

Net Communication Technology develops projects with high quality products as both distributor and integrator in wireless netwoek solutions in Turkey, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and other Turkish republics.

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