Outdoor WiFi Base-Station (SDMA & Beam-Forming)

BWA & Mesh Networking Sistemleri

WAViON Wireless Networks is transforming the unlicensed Broadband Wireless Access market with powerful solutions based on beamforming technology.
Wavion’s WBS-2400 Wi-Fi Base Station solves the key issues of Wi-Fi networks by using two advanced multiple-antenna technologies – “Digital Beamforming” and “Space Division Multiple Access” (SDMA). Spatially adaptive beamforming focuses the energy to and from clients to extend coverage range, increase data rates, enable non-line-of-sight (NLOS) operation, and provide strong resilience to interference and multipath mitigation. The result is a highly reliable link and uniform coverage, even in tough environments such as dense metropolitan areas.. Layered on top of beamforming, the WBS-2400 Wi-Fi base station uses SDMA, a powerful technology that enables simultaneous transmission of multiple data streams to multiple clients using a single RF channel.