Telrad 4G Product Solutions

Telrad provides a wide range of 4G products including carrier grade base station and a vast user device portfolio. With a steadfast commitment to customer success, Terad provides ISPs and Operators around the world with cost-effective and flexible 4G product solutions to help deliver reliable broadband wireless access.
Leveraging a legacy of technology experience, Telrad offers the highest quality 4G broadband wireless products that protect customer investment with a steady and strategic roadmap, futureproofing today's broadband wireless access networks into tomorrow. 
Meet Telrad's flagship 4G base station, packing the highest technology into a single, small, all-outdoor form factor. BreezeCOMPACT is ideas for a variety of fixed and mobile environments and works seamlessly with a number of end user devices. 
BreezeMAX has a rich history, as one of the world's most widely deployed and field-proven 4G base stations. The product offers extremely dependable and cost-effective broadband wireless connectivity. 
BreezeMAX 4Motion
At the heart of all Telrad equipment is the 4Motion technology, an IP-based platform that enables the highest quality of products. The 4Motion technology creates interoperable flexibility, enabling operators a complete ecosystem with access to best-of-breed base stations, CPEs and core network products, all working together seamlessly and futureproofing their investment.
Telrad user devices enable an easy, fast network roll-out, bringing reliable 4G servies directly to the subscriber, whether at home, in the office, or on the move.
Core Network
Telrad offers Core Network Solutions that incorporates both Telrad expertise and third-party products for an end-to-end solution that best fits your requirements to control and manage service quality, reliability and scalability.
Star Management Suite
The Star Management Suite is a comprehensive set of software tools to help operators effectively manage their Telrad-powered networks. The suite enables the most granular control of the network, enabling support for a quick initial deployment, the addition of services, network expansions and maintaining service levels.